How well are you prepared for disasters?

TACTIC provides a self-assessment for organisations responsible for disaster risk management that aims in unravelling strengths and potentials for improvement of their risk communication strategy. Besides, the general public can use this platform to conduct a preparedness-check which will give an overview of the individual level of preparedness.

Although risk is a part of everyday life, some risks could have catastrophic impacts on society. Risk communication is seen to play an important role in preparedness for crises. Recently, responsibility for preparedness actions was shifted to the hands of members of the general public. In addition, potentially affected people are expected to have the “right-to-know” as well as the right to participate in decisions related to the management of those risks. In order to strategically improve risk communication for organisations charged with managing and communicating risk, TACTIC has developed this online self-assessment platform for organisations and the general public. It is designed for an evaluation of community preparedness for four different disaster risks: Floods, Earthquakes, Epidemics and Terrorism.

Both assessments have been developed based on scientific knowledge and feedback from practitioners. Therefore, the self-assessments aim to provide scientific knowledge in a practical and relevant way.

What is preparedness?

Preparedness is a term that could easily be defined with one word, ‘readiness’, or a simple phrase, ‘the state of being prepared,’ but which prompts a multitude of different meanings when contextualised for a specific type of event. As a starting point, TACTIC adopts the UN’s Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) definition of preparedness:

“The knowledge and capacities developed by governments, professional response and recovery organizations, communities and individuals to effectively anticipate, respond to, and recover from, the impacts of likely, imminent or current hazard events or conditions.” (UNISDR, 2007)

For a good preparedness there must be, among others, at least two conditions: awareness for the risk and cooperation between public authorities and the population.

But how can organisations reach the general public? Through the TACTIC Online Self-Assessment Platform public authorities and organisations are not only enabled to evaluate their current risk communication strategy but also to gain an overview about the public’s perception of their communication. Both sites could benefit from that by improving risk communication within a city/community/region and also individual preparedness.

TACTIC self-assessment for organisations

How do I benefit from the TACTIC self-assessment for organisations?

The results of the self-assessment for organisations will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of current risk communication with the general public. Based on these results, a feedback report will be provided which points out potentials of improvement. It will be supplemented through examples of successful communication practices from the TACTIC library of good practices. The results of both the self-assessments and the preparedness-check will be available for information exchange between organisations/communities and members of the general public with the aim of improving communication between organisations responsible for managing risk and citizens at risk.

The feedback report will provide explanations to following aspects:

  • The relevance of a defined aim of your communication
  • How your risk communication should address the intended audience and what to consider e.g. motivations, risk perceptions, communication behaviour
  • The importance of a key message and how to develop it
  • Methods for reaching your communication aim and their advantages, limitations and alternatives
  • Barriers and good aspects of risk communication

Moreover, based on the results of the self-assessment, the TACTIC library of good practices will provide inspiration for future risk communication with the general public through examples of existing practices. Independent from conducting the self-assessments, everybody can search the library by clicking here.

The self-assessment for organisations takes approx. 20-30 min.

TACTIC Preparedness-check for the general public

How do I benefit from the Preparedness-check?

The Preparedness-check asks for your individual preparedness regarding the risk of floods, earthquakes, epidemics or terrorism. By answering the questions a feedback report will be generated, which provides an overview about factors that shape preparedness, as well as specific actions to be taken to increase preparedness. It will also provide you with links to documents and websites that might be useful, if you want to learn more.

The Preparedness-check takes approx. 10-15 min.

If you are ready to start the self-assessment or the preparedness-check, please click here.

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