TACTIC’s partners host the final conference

On 15th and 16th March, TACTIC’s partners hosted the final project conference together with our sister project POP-ALERT. Over 80 researchers and practitioners from across Europe and beyond were brought together to learn about increasing preparedness to various types of risk, engage in lively discussions, and to network with other key stakeholders interested in preparedness.

The two-day conference was opened with welcoming speeches from Philippe Quevauviller and Quillaume Lapeyre from the Research Executive Agency, European Commission, who highlighted the common themes that both projects address and the Commissions’ motivations for funding research involving communities. For instance, both TACTIC and POP-ALERT focus on the use of technologies to prepare both organisations and the general public for large-scale and cross-border disasters.

TACTIC’s coordinator, Christian Kuhlicke, introduced conference participants to TACTIC’s Online Self-Assessment Platform (TOSAP) that hosts:

  1. A self-assessment for organisations to enhance their risk communication strategy
  2. A self-assessment for the general public to increase their preparedness for the four hazards that TACTIC focuses on (floods, terrorism, earthquakes, epidemics)
  3. Feedback reports that users receive once they have completed the self-assessments. The feedback reports explain the relevance of the questions that users have been asked and either provides information on: 1) how organisations can further enhance their risk communication strategy or 2) how the general public can increase their preparedness
  4. A library of good practices: the library includes examples of communication and education practices (e.g., brochures and films). Users will receive examples of good practices as part of their feedback from completing the self-assessment and the library can be manually searched

The second day of the conference focused on TACTIC with the first project presentation involving a demonstration of the TOSAP. Following this presentation, Cheney Shreve from Northumbria University provided an overview of the literature and research examining the relationship between risk perception and preparedness, that acts as the foundation of the tools that were developed during the TACTIC project. The presentation by Nuray Karanci from Middle East Technical University, highlighted the links between TACTIC and the emBRACE project focusing on Building Resilience Amongst Communities in Europe, and the relationship between resilience and preparedness.

In addition to the presentations made by TACTIC’s partners, conference participants had the opportunity to learn lessons from a number of invited speakers, including:

TACTIC’s partners would like to thank all of the conference participants for their engagement, feedback and questions during the conference. For further information on the conference and to download all of the slides from the two-days, please click here. For further information on the TACTIC project, please visit the research page and follow us on Twitter.