Deliverables and Publications

Project deliverables

WP1 - Risk perception and preparedness

WP2 - Participatory community preparedness audit

WP3 - Preparedness communication and education material and practices

WP4 - Case study 1: Terrorism in Europe

WP5 - Case study 2: Floods in Central Europe

WP6 - Case study 3: Epidemics in the United Kingdom

WP7 - Case study 4: Earthquakes in Turkey

WP8 - A long-term learning framework for a multi-hazard context

WP9 - Online training and audit platform

WP10 - Dissemination

Presentations and articles

  • Shreve, C. (2016). Economic Efficiency or Gender Equality: Conceptualizing an Equitable “Social Framing” for Economic Evaluations to Support Gender Equality in Disaster Risk-and Environmental-Management Decision-MakingResources, 5(3), 25.

  • Shreve, C., Davis, B., & Fordham, M. (2016). Integrating animal disease epidemics into disaster risk management. Disaster Prevention and Management, 25(4), 506-519.

  • Shreve, C., Begg, C., Fordham, M., & Müller, A. (2016). Operationalizing risk perception and preparedness behavior research for a multi-hazard context. Environmental Hazards, 1-19.

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  • Fordham, M. (2015). Oh no! Not resilience again! Resilience panel convener and speaker for the 40th Annual Natural Hazards Conference, 17-21 July 2015. Broomfield, Colorado, USA.

  • Shreve, C. (2015). Learning from animal diseases. Resilience panel speaker at the 40th Annual Natural Hazards Conference, 17-21 July 2015. Broomfield, Colorado, USA.

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  • Nuray Karancı, Canay Doğulu, Gözde İkizer and Hüseyin Bayraktar: TACTIC Projesi: Toplumların bir krize karşı daha iyi hazırlanması için araçlar, yöntemler ve eğitim (TACTIC Project: Tools, methods and training for communities and society to better prepare for a crisis). Poster presented at the METU Disaster Management Implementation and Research Center 17th Round Table Meeting. January 9 2015, METU Ankara. 

  • Annemarie Müller, Chloe Begg and Christian Kuhlicke: Hochwasser in Mitteleuropa - wie gut sind Kommunen vorbereitet? Poster presented at 14. Forum Katastrophenvorsorge. Akteure verbinden, Lösungen finden. November 4-5, 2014, Leipzig

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